NTC COVID Guidelines - 16th July 2020



We continue to work closely with Tennis Victoria to ensure we are meeting the recommended guidelines for Tennis Clubs in Victoria during the COVID pandemic. Please note the below instructions which we must adhere to:



  • Only singles allowed by default. Doubles can only be played by 4 members of the same household
  • No more than 10 players on all courts at any one time (coaches not included in the 10)
  • Booking a court is now compulsory. Please nominate number of players in Notes. https://ntcbookings.skedda.com/booking
  • When at the courts use the QR-code near the front gate to fill-in attendance form (ignore last field), or send text with times to Joe on 0409 585 319
  • For coaching the max no of people per session is 2 plus a coach
  • Please don't socialise around the club before or after playing.
  • All indoor facilities must close – this includes all indoor courts, clubhouses/rooms. However, toilets may remain open, if indoors
  • Community competition must be cancelled until further notice



Thanks for your co-operation in adhering to these guidelines!