Committee Meeting

3 April 2018: Next committee meeting on Tuesday 10th April at 7:30pm in the clubrooms

19 June 2017: Next committee meeting on Monday 17th July at 7;30pm in the clubrooms.


1 June 2017:  Next committee meeting on Tuesday 6th June at 7;30pm in the clubrooms.


The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 25th August 2016 at 7:30pm in the club room.

There were 10 members present.

Reports were read as follows:

President's, Maintenance & Membership reports:  Joe Santamaria

Secretary Report:  Justin Santamaria

Treasurer's report:  Peter Long

Night Tennis & Club Championship reports:  Carmelo Tarascio

Junior & Senior reports:  Duncan Pendrigh

Mid week ladies report: Bev Czerniawski

Pennant report:  Rod McCutcheon

Coach's report:  Peter Caruana


The newly elected committee are as follows:

President:  Joe Santamaria

Vice Presidents: Carmelo Tarascio and Bev Czerniawski

Secretary:  Justin Santamaria

Treasurer:  Peter Long

Pennant Convenor:  Rod McCutcheon

Night Tennis Convenor:  Peter Long

Junior Convenor:  Wendy Stanford

Senior Convenor:  Duncan Pendrigh

Mid week ladies:  Bev Czerniawski

Public Officer;  Bev Czerniawski

Membership Officer:  Joe Santamaria

Maintenance Officer:  Joe Santamaria

Web site & Facebook administrator:  Joe Santamaria

General Committee members: Sam Gionta, Michael Erdody